The Modern List Melbourne

This installment of The Modern List takes our modernist adventures to the southern hemisphere. Last month, BUILD’s summer intern, Peter Gray, spent some time in Melbourne, Australia, and gave us the run down on some of the head-turning modernism permeating this cosmopolitan city at all scales.

It’s easy to see why Melbourne is the epicenter of design culture on the Australian continent. The built environment is dense, exciting, and expressive, with a sharp focus on sustainable practices.

The collection of museums in the city is vast and varied. And as we’ve come to expect of these cultural structures, the designs are responsive both to the art and the human experience.The good news for travelers to Melbourne is the city knows and loves its food. Just walk down Flinders Lane in the Central Business District, and the options are endless. A fair warning to those accustomed to fine dining in casual attire: some places enforce a strict dress code, so call ahead or come prepared.

The list of great cafes was a tough one to narrow down. Melbournians match Seattleites in their passion for coffee, and this is a just a taste of the numerous beautiful, unique spaces in which to drink it.

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The Modern List Melbourne

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